About Us

At the end of 2009, Jane Jimono, her daughter Priscilla Chalk and Priscilla's husband Patrick Chalk saw the problem of homelessness in the Embulul district, especially among the young, even babies.

It was an impossible situation to ignore and they sat watching the Toyota VX's and Land Rovers ferrying the thousands of charity workers around Nairobi to write reports about the situation, they knew they had better DO SOMETHING to help.

They had very little in terms of resources but decided that between them, they COULD make a small difference as private individuals and take in 3-5 children in need.

Today, the Foundation has over 53 in its care and has the aim of taking up to 100 if the facilities allow.

We have picked up some amazing supporters along the way and the board of the society is comprised of selfless people with the interests of these children at heart.